This cottage in the Adelaide Hills has been in the client’s family for many years, but with a growing family, they wanted to create more entertaining, living and sleeping spaces for all family members to visit and stay. We collaborated with Mountford Williamson Architecture on the design of a contemporary pavilion extension and the alteration and refurbishment of the cottage to create a comfortable weekend and holiday home.

Surrounded by large glass walls, the pavilion is light and open, contrasting with the solidity and solitude of the cottage. We used a light, fresh, natural palette that doesn’t compete with the rural landscape views, and brought the creamy, textured besser block walls inside to blur the sense of indoors and out. A small plinth with a fireplace and cabinet sits in the centre of the living room to minimise obstruction of the view, and the kitchen servery opens to a covered courtyard for alfresco dining and cooking.

Warm grey joinery in the contemporary country kitchen has a soft green tint. One end of the island bench is open with a birdsmouth joint for detail. The oversized timber dowel is proportionate with the scale of the space and is continued in the towel racks and bathroom vanities that are also designed like furniture to create warm, textured and functional spaces.