Studio Botanic is a floral design studio that creates sculptural installations and kaleidoscopic arrangements. The client wanted a beautiful, robust studio, with an elegant area at the front to share with clients, and a durable workroom at the back. We elevated the aesthetic of the former warehouse with rich green hues, bespoke details and soft textures, and designed a functional workroom that streamlines the client’s creative process.

Wanting the client’s floral sculptures to take centre stage, we used a quiet, subdued palette that would complement rather than compete. Light-coloured walls, ceiling and exposed cream concrete floor provide a neutral backdrop, and a dark green joinery wall and fern-patterned wallpaper introduce Studio Botanic’s brand colour and logo. The wall conceals the office, while arched openings allow light to filter through. The client meeting area is elegant with round furnishings, subtle textures and a handcrafted pendant light.

The steel-framed arch is repeated at the entry to the workroom, which is beautifully crafted while still being robust and utilitarian. The trough, benchtop and joinery are purposefully designed for the client’s needs, with durable and easy-to-clean surfaces and all accessories in easy reach.

The client has said the studio makes her work easier and more enjoyable, and it’s the ultimate pleasure when the client loves their space as much as we do.