This holiday house for an overseas family with four children was a collaboration with Mountford Williamson Architecture. Located in Port Willunga, a semi-rural beachside suburb south of Adelaide, the architecture of the house is designed to reference the old Australian homestead with a high, pitched ceiling and exposed rafters. We also looked to these homesteads for inspiration to create a modern interpretation of the classic country house.

The timber, white and blue palette complements the surrounding landscape and corrugated-iron exterior of the house. White finishes provide a neutral backdrop while the burnished concrete floor is earthy and textural. Blue-laminate bathroom vanities evoke the sky and sea and are practical choice, with fun timber handles and plenty of storage.

The kitchen joinery is inspired by the old Australian meat safe. Cabinetry is raised on legs and cupboards have mesh inserts and simple dowel handles. Built-in timber joinery has simple streamlined forms to complement the traditional furniture pieces and create the modern homestead feel.