With a demanding work life that involved regular travel, our client wanted a home base. He purchased a house in Mildura to establish a more settled life. He wanted a contemporary home that reminded him of his travel through Europe, and where he could host and cook for family and friends.

We renovated the post-war cottage and demolished and rebuilt a rear extension to create a kitchen, dining and living space for shared experiences. We used cost-effective materials applied to create a point of difference.

High ceilings throughout the house enhance natural light and spaciousness, and steel-framed glass doors open the kitchen, dining, and living to a rear courtyard with vine-covered pergola that evokes a sense of Spain. Existing oak flooring is matched in the new addition and terracotta bathroom tiles reinforce the Mediterranean feel.

The kitchen island is the social hub of the home, combining a bench and table to accommodate 12 people. The bold and graphic handmade Spanish tiles push the perception of what a kitchen island can be, helping to identify it as the nucleus of the living space. A wine fridge and high-performance appliances cater for the client’s love of cooking and entertaining.