Located on the mezzanine level of the heritage Adelaide Arcade, Make it Look Easy is a multipurpose, flexible studio that looks and feels as warm and welcoming as a home. The client wanted a landing base for her team and a place for to host client consultations and small intimate events. We used colour and materials in atypical ways and incorporated residential furniture to create an inviting, inclusive space for staff and clients to feel at home.

The corner site limited wall and storage space so we installed a pegging board for changeable display and the client to inject personality. The change room is tucked neatly into the corner, and the curved bench seat with storage faces on to the studio for a relaxed, intimate setting.

We drew the colour palette from the client’s branding, with rust-coloured ceiling and walls and deep-blue change-room curtain to create colour blocks. Arcade pedestrians can identify the studio by the turquoise logo applied to the windows, which also provides privacy for those within. Soft pinks and blues continue through the furnishings and we custom designed the whitewashed timber desks to appear as dining tables (with technology services) and the kitchenette to look like a credenza, creating the feeling of being in someone’s home.

Coming to work is a dream for the Make it look Easy Team.