We put the funky into functional to design a boutique-hotel bungalow that attracts attention and appeals to guests on Airbnb. Having worked with the client previously, they entrusted us to have fun with colour and create an interior that’s a playful surprise to the sandstone-fronted maisonette.

While the existing interior was dated, we worked with the cream and brown finishes to minimise what we replaced. The brown bathroom tile inspired the palette and colour-blocking approach, with relaxing hues on the bedroom and living room walls, enlivened with vibrant navy blue along the length of the the hallway. Bedroom furniture is open and light for the contemporary hotel feel, and soft furnishings are textured and tactile and add tonal hues and a colourful zing.

Open shelving and sliding doors optimise space in the narrow kitchen and an object display helps the Airbnb feel more like a home. Casual seating is provided around the custom kitchen island and in the new dinette, where a stirking navy bench seat and table transforms the formerly underutilised room. A landscaped garden offers an inviting area for guests to enjoy spending timing outdoors.

With the freedom to have fun with colour, we created a comfortable bungalow with personality and a holiday vibe, and Airbnb reviewers give it nothing but praise.